How to Keep Your Apartment Safe While You’re Away

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Apartment Safety Tips for Optimum Security

Trusting your neighbors, loving the town you live in and feeling comfortable in your apartment community isn’t always enough when safety is concerned. Even though you shouldn’t make it a point to be overly paranoid, there’s still no harm in making sure that the apartment you reside in – whether you live alone or with others – is made to be the safest it can possibly be.

Invest in Extra Locks    

Although most apartments come equipped with some form of security locking system, be it manual or electronic, there are a few extra locking precautions you can take to secure the multiple doors in your apartment that much more. If the front door to your apartment doesn’t have them already, install a chain lock and deadbolt, so that it’s nearly impossible for unwanted visitors to break in. If your apartment has sliding doors, it’s wise not to trust the locks too much; instead, purchase an inside bar lock, or insert a pole into the door track.

Hide Money and Belongings in a Safe

Sure, it doesn’t need to be drilled into the wall of your apartment – but having a secure, solid safe hidden somewhere in your room will make all the difference in the event that an attempted burglary takes place in your apartment while you’re gone. Safes come in all sizes, so you can get a kind that makes the most sense for the type of belongings you want to stash away. Expensive jewelry, keepsakes and cash are all suggested to be stored away in a safe.

Keep Valuables Off of the Patio or Balcony

While it might be tempting to use your apartment’s balcony or patio as a storage unit, take the time to make the extra room in your apartment, so that you can keep all of your items inside. If your apartment doesn’t offer a ton of square footage, and you’re forced to leave a bicycle outside on the balcony or patio, just make sure that the item is properly locked and chained up. This will reduce the chances of someone successfully stealing your belongings while you’re away from the apartment.

Leave the Light On

You should never make a habit out of leaving the lights on in your apartment when you’re not there (unless you want a major increase in your monthly electric bill). Still, there are serious safety benefits when you leave at least one light on before you vacate your apartment for an extended period of time. Potential intruders will be less likely to attempt a break-in, and leave your apartment untouched, if they notice that a light is on – a tell-tale indicator that someone could possibly still be home. So, try to pick a light that can shine through a window to leave on if you’re stepping out for the night.

Consider a Security System

If you’ve got a little extra money to spare – and truly want to make safety a priority – you might want to consider a security system. Fortunately, there are security systems that are completely convenient for apartment renters to use. For instance, a wireless security system requires no drilling or damage to your apartment, and allows you to take it with you if you move out of your apartment after installing it. If you do choose to install a wireless security system, just make sure to place stickers from the security company on your apartment’s door and exterior windows, so that neighbors know your home is protected.

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