Tips for a Smooth Move-In at Lerner Falls at Flint Hill

Moving into an apartment

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Moving day is commonly seen as a stressful life event. However, with the right preparation and tools, your move-in day at Lerner Falls at Flint Hill may be your most smooth move yet. The move-in process is more than packing your stuff into a moving van and getting your belongings situated. It is actually three distinct processes: the preparation, the move-out and the move-in. By giving all three of these processes the attention each deserves, you will be on your way to a smooth move-in when you arrive to our community in Fairfax, Virginia.


The Preparation

The move-in process begins far before you set foot in your new apartment home at Lerner Falls at Flint Hill. You will begin at your current residence by utilizing some easy organizational tips when it comes to packing. Pack room-by-room, labeling boxes by exactly in which room those belong, along with the contents of each box. Keep heavier items in smaller boxes, and lighter items in larger boxes. This should begin about two weeks before your move-out date, starting with the things you use the least often. Begin contacting friends and family to see who will be available on your move-out day to assist you. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help!


The Move-Out

Move-out (and move-in) day has finally arrived! Make sure that you block out your schedule for this entire day, so that you are not rushing to meet other obligations. You will definitely need to block out more time, depending on the distance of your move, so give yourself a little more time than you think you need. Rushing the process will only make the experience more stressful and lead to mistakes. Begin by clearing out all of your boxes into the moving truck, van or car, so that your old space is clear. Do a thorough final check of your existing residence to make sure nothing has been left in closets, top shelves and/or other hard-to-reach places. Do a final check to ensure there has been no damage done while moving out.


The Move-In

When you arrive to Lerner Falls at Flint Hill, check in with the leasing office to make sure your new home is ready. You may have to sign some final documents before you get your keys. Once you have your keys in hand, take the time to walk through your apartment and check for any damages or problems. It is important to do this before moving in all of your belongings to ensure that you did not create the damage. Once you have done a final check of everything, begin unloading boxes by directly placing those into the room corresponding with each box’s label. This will make the unpacking process smoother and more efficient. Use caution when unloading furniture to ensure you do not cause damage to your brand new home.


Once you are all settled in for the most part, walk around your new home at Lerner Falls at Flint Hill and get to know your community. Between amenities such as the fitness center, resort-style pool and on-site movie theater, you will have tons to explore on your first evening. Finally, sit back and relax in your gorgeous Lerner Falls at Flint Hill apartment home. You earned it!


Learn More About Lerner Falls at Flint Hill

If you are ready for your next apartment home in Fairfax, Virginia, a beautiful community awaits you at Lerner Falls at Flint Hill. We provide our future residents with all of the information they need to ensure a smooth and simple move-in and transition into their new apartment home. With several floorplans to choose from, you are sure to find a model and price point that meets your individual needs. Contact us today to learn more about moving to Fairfax, Virginia, and particularly moving into Lerner Falls at Flint Hill.

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