Everything You Need to Know About Living in Fairfax, Virginia


Reasons to Move to Fairfax, VA


Here in Fairfax, Virginia, there are many different activities you can partake in and sites you can visit. Surrounded by nature while also full of great shops and delicious restaurants, you have the best of both worlds. Because of this extremely convenient location, you have a wide variety of activities you and your family can enjoy! Use our recommendations below for some of the best attractions in Fairfax.


Visit One of Fairfax’s Many Restaurants


Throughout the wonderful area of Fairfax, there is an abundance of restaurants in which you and your friends or family can eat at. They offer many of the usual chain restaurants found across the nation; in addition to some restaurants exclusive to this beautiful town. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese – you name it, you can take your taste buds virtually anywhere. The great part is, you don’t need to travel far for any of them!


Brush Up on Your History


Throughout the area, there are many historical sites you can visit. If you’re a history buff – you’ll love this, but if you aren’t you may still find it fascinating. Some places you can stop by are the Civil War Trails, Fairfax Museum, Ford Building, and a few more. Not only are some of these locations a piece of Virginia’s history; they are a piece of the whole nation’s history as well.


Experience the Shops of Fairfax


There are many stores and boutiques you can shop at, all within the area. Anywhere from the Boulevard Marketplace to the Courthouse Plaza or the Fair City Mall. Besides for all the chain stores, there are also high-end designer stores and people’s personalized boutiques, which are exclusive to Fairfax. If none of those places suit your needs, there’s always the Main Street Center, Fairfax Circle, and many more. The options are endless.


Spotlight of the Arts Festival


Exclusive and originating in Fairfax, Virginia; the festival aims to enhance the community’s awareness of the vast variety of cultural and art opportunities in Fairfax. The show offers many different cultural dance routines along with a showcase of breathtaking art. Each year, the festival has a scattered number of dates when they perform, usually during the months of April and May. It results in a great start to your summer!


Get a Breath of Fresh Air


Because of Fairfax’s phenomenal positioning, it is suitable for both active urban experiences and rugged outdoor adventures. Within the city, there are over 21 recreational parks that you can enjoy. Fairfax is dedicated to the pursuit and preservation of open space, giving its residents places to escape the stress of their lives. At the parks, you can play some basketball, volleyball, tennis, or go for a jog.


Enjoy the Nightlife


There is a host of options you can partake in once the sun goes down in Fairfax. There are many different movie theatres you can go to for a fun family night out. In addition, there are a bunch of pubs and taverns where you can have a drink and a bite to eat with your friends. However, if there’s a big game on you can head to one of Fairfax’s sports bars to enjoy some delicious drinks, food and company.


Apartments in Fairfax, VA


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