6 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger


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Make Your Tiny Bedroom Appear Larger


Unless you knock down the walls and make additions, there’s no other way to make your room any bigger than it is. Lucky for you, with these tips, you won’t have a problem in making your bedroom feel and look bigger than what it is.


#1 – Add Mirrors

The addition of mirrors is a cheap and easy way to make your bedroom appear bigger. Placing large mirrors either on the wall or leaning them up against something makes the room feel a bit more spacey and changes the appearance of the square footage. The best way to make any room look bigger is to get a mirror that stretches from the floor to the ceiling for the full affect.


#2 – Remove Clutter

This may be one of the simplest changes you can make when changing around your room. Removing any extra clutter or items you don’t need makes a big difference, and doesn’t cost anything. Having a simple approach when removing clutter is ideal and you will start to see a difference. If you can’t part with some things, find a way to keep them hidden and out of the way.


#3 – Keep an Open Space/Walkway

Having a large open space is always a good thing. It may be tempting to place a piece of furniture there but don’t do it. It makes your bedroom appear as its actual size, and if you have to maneuver your way around it every time, then it’s not going to work. Assuring that your bedroom is spacious, functional, and clean is the goal, and having blocked space and walkways prevent that.


#4 – Mount Everything

Instead of wasting floor space, try to mount as many things as you can while also making it look neat. Shelves, lamps, and racks can all be put on the wall to save space. Many apartments have restrictions on what you can place on the walls, so check the rules of your apartment complex before using anything to mount what you want.


#5 – Know When to Add or Remove Lighting

Lighting can be a good thing or bad thing depending on where it’s placed. Places where you shouldn’t put lamps are small desks, tabletops, or nightstands near your bed. Try to stray away from having lamps all over the place and keep a simple approach. Use some tall, skinny lamps that don’t go on table tops for your main lighting source. Or, if you already have built in lights in your ceiling, that’s even better.


#6 – Big Art Pieces

Adding a beautiful piece of art to any wall creates a modernized and tasteful look. Finding a nice big piece at a local art gallery shouldn’t be too difficult. There are rules to this in regards to trying to make your bedroom look bigger. Instead of getting a bunch of small pieces, try to get one or two large pieces, making your walls less cluttered.

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Making your bedroom look bigger without knocking down the walls can be a daunting task, but with the tips listed above, hopefully it pointed you in the right direction. If you’re interested in getting a new apartment and trying out these tips on a new bedroom, stop by The Falls Flint Hill Apartment Homes for a visit!

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