10 Things Every Apartment Should Have


Everyone expresses their own creativity and style when calling a place home, but there are definitely necessities each and every apartment should have. What you keep in your apartment is necessary in setting into your new atmosphere. Use our list below to double check you have everything you need in your apartment!

Must-Have Items for Your Apartment


1. Cleaning Supplies

Messes are bound to be made, so having various cleaning sprays, sponges and tools on hand makes cleaning up easy. In addition to all-purpose cleaners and bleach, invest in a good vacuum, mop, broom and rags so you are fully equipped for any mess you may need to tackle!


2. Space-Saving Furniture

So you took a virtual tour of your new apartment online before you moved in, but you still have too much stuff and not enough space. Don’t let how much you want to fit in a room affect how much of it you can keep. Furniture that doubles as storage is a great alternative to throwing beloved items out! Invest in furniture like a bed with drawers underneath, benches with concealed storage, a lifting coffee table and sofa with detachable seating.


3. Emergency Items

You never know when the power may go out or when you will need extra batteries, so compile a box of necessities in case there is an emergency. Items you may want to add include some cash, non-perishable foods, a gallon or two of water, contact information of family and friends, medical supplies, flashlights, extra batteries and a first aid kit.

4. Lighting

Even if your apartment has overhead lighting and lots of windows for natural light, some floor and desk lamps help create a warm and relaxing ambience. The right lighting helps enhance the mood of a room and can also help save money on utilities. Reading a book in bed, or working at your desk? Turn on a lamp instead of all the lights to avoid a super expensive electricity bill.


5. Linens and Towels

Extra linens, towels and washcloths are important to have, especially if you are expecting guests. It may seem useless to invest in linens, however, you will be grateful in the long run if you spill something on your sheets and are too busy to do laundry!


6. Office Supplies

You may not have a home office, but you will inevitably need to write something down, plan out your schedule, or staple papers together at one time or another. Avoid scrambling around your apartment in search of a pen or pencil by ensuring that you purchase office supplies in advance and have a designated area where they belong.


7. Plants and Fresh Flowers

Plants are a terrific way to spruce up a drab space, and they have numerous wellness benefits as well. Foliage acts as a natural air purifier and being surrounded by other living things increases the positive and healthy energy in a room. If you are unsure of how much time you can provide to your plants, get ones that do not require a lot of water and maintenance.


8. Place Settings

Eating out of takeout boxes or paper plates may seem more convenient than washing dishes after every meal, but plastic containers and paper plates act as useless clutter and look unorganized. Instead, buy cutlery, crockery, and dinnerware that complement each other and complete your kitchen or dining room. They are more presentable to serve to guests and can be displayed as decoration when not in use.

9. Area Rugs

Not only do rugs keep your feet warm, they work wonders to tie a room together. Whether you pick a practical black rug, or a patterned one in a funky color, a space will feel much cozier and more you!


10. Personal Touches

A personal touch can be anything from a piece of art you handpicked, to pictures of family and friends, or a one-of-a-kind find in Fairfax, Virginia. Just make sure whatever items you select are important and special to you. Personalizing your apartment is crucial in making your space feel homey, and helps make the environment more inviting to visitors.


Luxury Apartment Homes in Fairfax, Virginia

Your apartment should be a place you want to spend time in, and the way to ensure this is by adding these 10 must-have items in your space. If you are in the market for a new apartment, be sure to schedule a tour of our apartments. Here at Lerner The Falls at Flint Hill, we pride ourselves on our luxury apartments with the best amenities in the area. Be sure to contact us at (703) 337-0957 or apply online today!

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